September 9, 2009

Milo Mania

Available for sale
3 month old size Milo in Gelato from The Wool Company

4 year old Milo in hand dyed yarn

The Milo vest designed by tiKKi is a deviation from the classic vest; boxy, funky and relaxed. It is a slim fit and looks great on boys and girls alike. The cable detail is a cute feature.

There are five different cable patterns that can be knitted to suit your taste. The cable patterns are: giant cable (see green photo), owl cable, horseshoe pattern (see pink one above), XOXOX cable pattern (see above) & aran braid pattern. I find with variagted wool that the simple large cable looks wonderful.

Sizes & measurements: Actual chest meausrements each size is based on.

Newborn: 15 inch/38cm
3 month: 16 inch/40.5cm
6 month: 17 inch/43cm
9 month: 18 inch/46cm
12 months: 19 inch/48.5cm
18 months: 20inch/51cm
2 years: 20inch/53.5cm
3 years: 22 inch/56cm
4 years: 23 inch/58.5cm

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