Hi there,

Below is just a collection of items that I've knit for custom orders or that I can knit. Feel free to contact me via email if you'd like to enquire about getting something special hand knit by me.

Dresses and Skirts
Teacher's Pet (pleated)

Teacher's Pet (full skirt)

  Eden's Eve

The March Sisters - Amy

The Flapper Skirt

Petal Skirty and A-line Skirt

Very full pleated skirty and box pleat Teacher's Pet skirt


Kilkenny and Poppy

Aviatrix and Tubey

Cabled Hat and Doodie

Propeller and Poppy

Jerseys and Cardigans
Hotshot Vestees

Little Hoodlums

Young Einstein Cardies/Jackets


Roaring Meg (and Poppy Hat) and Roaring Meg slightly modified


Singlets and Vests
Milos - Owl and Giant Cable

Milos - Giant Cable and XOXO

Eden's Adam

Leafy Shrugs

Confection Shrugs

Vanilla Soakers