October 11, 2009

Juliette - Skirty or Skirted Soaker

This wee gem is knit by combining two patterns, the Juliette designed by Tia Novick and Vanilla designed by Kelly Brooker. It can be knitted either with or without a soaker underneath and either in this full and pleated version, or in a straight A-line version.

The one pictured is a medium which fits both my 10 month, 10 kilo babe with chucky thighs (with a nappy) and my 12 kilo, 2 1/2 year old without a nappy (though in saying that she would wear a nappy the same size as my 10 month old it would probably fit fine with that as well)

This one is knitted as a skirty soaker, it completely covers the bottom and nappy or underwear. I think for my 2 1/2 year old for spring I'll knit her a skirty without the soaker part - I am able to knit either option for you.

This is knitted in variegated The Wool Company yarn - they have a good range of both solid and matching variegated colour yarns that I am happy to knit with if you'd like.

Sizes - newborn, small, medium, large and xtra large.

Julia has permission to knit these for sale so please email her at jstanfield@xtra.co.nz or visit her blog to either order one or for more information

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