May 25, 2010

Kids Handwarmers

Introducing another pattern that I love, and that I'd love to knit for you!

A friend of mine, Samantha Goodin has just developed a cute little handwarmers pattern that I was lucky enough to test - and I loved it so much (and more to the point, Penny loves her pair of handwarmers so much too) that I'm now able to knit these handwarmers for sale

You'll have to excuse the variety of colours Penny is wearing, she loves to dress herself

These practical little handwarmers are great for kids - they can still use all their fingers and thumb to play and manipulate things while keeping their hands toasty warm. They're also great for thumb and finger suckers, it means that they can still access their thumb/fingers while sitting in the stroller while you're out for a walk or in their carseat.

Penny's steering the 'pirate ship' here

These fit from approximately 1-5 years.

Contact Julia via email if you'd like to enquire about prices or to order

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