January 29, 2011

Wool Leaves Blanket

Julia is delighted to announce that she is able to knit a limited number of Wool Leaves blankets for sale, designed by the extremely talented Jared Flood (also known as Brooklyn Tweed).

This is a beautiful item and would make a special gift for anyone expecting a new baby. It's both practical and gorgeous, as well as the kind of item you can keep for future generations.

This can be knit in whatever colour you desire (pictured is both a dark brown and a silvery grey), and the approximate size is 25” x 35” (though if you have a specific size in mind, contact Julia as the size is able to be customised)

Please contact Julia via email if you'd like to enquire about getting one custom made for you.


  1. Stunning, love the wonderful colour.Have a brilliant weekend!

  2. I have emailed to get some more info on this blanket

  3. Thanks for your email Leisa, I've replied :) Let me know if you need any more information at any time.