September 3, 2010


The Versa designed by Shannon Passmore can be knit as a vest, tunic, dress or babydoll and is shaped to fit nicely around the torso.

The tunic:
The pattern doesn't include the eyelet holes for the ribbon around the chest, but it's definitely an option if you'd like

The vest...
This of course can also be knit in girly colours and really suits girls beautifully

Pictures for the babydoll option will follow shortly

The Versa can be knit from NB up to a size 10 and is a very versatile piece of clothing - being able to worn on it's own or over a long or short sleeved top.

Any of the Coco Kids team are able to knit these for sale. Contact Julia, Ali or Kate to make an enquiry about getting a Versa of your choice custom knit for you.

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