January 15, 2010

Vanilla Soaker available for purchase

~~ Vanilla Soaker ~~

Size medium
Price - $26 plus postage

In 100% wool from The Wool Company in colourways Donkey and Ballet.

Designed to go over cloth nappies as a water proof layer. Soaker will need to be lanolised to be effective as a water proof layer.

Shown here on my 16 month old - at the very limit for use with this size!
Worn over an Itti Bitti cloth nappy which is very trim. 

Please contact Kate for this item at chevgirlknitting@gmail.com or any of us if you would like one made for your child.


  1. Wow, they look so cute. Ah I now get why you would use these, by making them waterproof. So how do you lanolise the?

  2. You lanolise by washing with a small amount of lanolin (can purchase this from pharmacies). You can use the soaker a few times before washing again - just dry/air them in the sun between uses.