June 8, 2011

Something's coming...

Wow, it's been so quiet around here lately! Anyone would think we were on holiday, yet that's far from the truth.

At the moment all the members of Coco Kids are busy knitting that's for sure, this is the busiest time of the year for us - plus Kate's due to have a baby any day now. Exciting!

But, we've got something new in store for you. All will be revealed tomorrow hopefully, all going to plan. Keep an eye out here or over on our Facebook page for more details.

And we're not talking about all the new wonderful patterns that we can knit either...that'll come, but that's not it!

Stay warm!

Oh, and because every entry needs a picture of a gorgeous child wearing knits, here's Julia's littlest babe wearing some woolly goodness. Awww, he's too cute!

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