October 2, 2009

Daisy Clutch - A Wee Felted Bag

Doesn't every child need a little bag to keep their treasured belongings in?

The idea for this came about when my daughter was looking for something to put her picked daisies in, but it can also be used for kids sunglasses, wallets, leaves, shells - whatever! Perhaps not a bag full of stones, but a couple - of course.  It might also be handy for your own car keys, pens, nuts and bolts and bits that end up living on the bench.

They have a flat bottom, perfect for popping down and staying upright.  They are a modified version of one of Amanda's bags.

Julia has permission to knit these cute wee Daisy Clutches for sale, please contact her at jstanfield@xtra.co.nz  or visit her blog if you'd like to make an order or enquiry. They can be made to match other items too if you wish.

From $20 per bag
Embellishing is also offered at a small additional charge 

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