October 7, 2009

Looking Glass Longies

Looking Glass Longies are knit with no seams nor grafting, while still featuring a roomy crotch gusset and ribbed panels on the side to ensure a good fit. These are fabulous for those cold days when children need more woollen layers, or just for wearing anywhere! These are also great to use as snuggly pyjama pants and the extra rows in the back allow room for cloth bottomed children overnight.

No two pairs of longies are the same - we are able to knit them with a wide range of cuffs or even lengths if you'd like.

Julia, Kate and Ali are all licensed to knit some LGL for you.

Prices - Nb & Small $35, sizes M & L - $45 and size XL - $50

Note, in the picture, the variegated red and brown coloured longies are knitted using the Looking Glass Longies pattern
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